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February 4, 2010

Edroian Planetary Survey

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Planet Status: Foreign World to Lost System

Gravity: 2x the gravity of earth

Satellites: 1 moon , rocky barren place, with some ice.

Population: 8 Billion; Beast and Man

Orbit Duration: 378 Earth days

Rotation Speed: 48 hours

Climate Classification: Cold/ winter for most of the season(given the distance from the sun. also has large forests, many mountain ranges and a wide platue important for ship landings since most of the planet is coverd by forests and few plains but still large plains in between them, some rocky deserts as well exists around the equator.

Total Land Mass: 45 (the rest being icy oceans)%

Planetary Governor: Beast Marine General (Unknown),

Climate Regions: great thick forest excellent food sources for the beast marines and their people who can hunt with fang , tooth , claw , and gun. Flat plains mostly covered in snow for most of the year though when it warms up they can grow crops very fast and well. Mountain ranges command most of the landscape.

Water Supply: rivers flow out from the mountains and through the forest into the oceans excellent supply for water, some lakes mostly fresh water exist too on the plains(though mostly frozen over for most of the year).

Food Supply: Wild life big and small, and many berry like plants grow throughout the forest and hills, also some plants on the plain are very edible and good to eat and grow in abundance for a short time in winter.

Society: Democratic with some more submission to their bestial god and the priests and council being the governing leaders though for now the society is ran by an appointed General/ Governor who is highly respected and a military Great tactician.

Known History of Edroian: settled by the Tirilians during the age of strife. the population grew at a stable rate and stayed in equaliberium with nature and also became a great mining and fleet building world. becoming a great supplyer in all fields as the Tirlians continued to expand and defeat other empires. when the great crusade reached the Tirlians empire Edroian became a major military training world and also worked on makings of new weapons to turn the tide of the war. sadly the war did not turn and soon Edroian itself was under constant attack, as the crusading fleets surrounded Edroian taking heavy losses. after the taking of Edorian at heavy losses on both sides the world remained occupied by the imperium until the beginning of the .M39. when the warp storms vanashed and the free Tirlian empire stormed out and destroyed all imperial forces on the tirlian worlds and liberated their people. the space marine chapter of the swords of light, were turned to the Tirlians faith and their progressed beastile forms by as the tirlians say their god. this took place on Edorian. Edorian became again an important fleet and military training world and a great supplyer in foods and materials for the war effort. lately a warp storm has appeared again in the edorian system moving the world right into the lost system , the effects of this movement has done little harm on the population or the world itself though now the world has become much colder than before. now the high preists of Edorian plan for what to do now that they are in the lost system….

History of the Tirilian Empire

( all documents in this file were defended and recorded by the freedom fighters of the Tirilian Empire and the free remaining sectors if the tirilian empire which was held in the warp storms until near the Tirilian uprising. Let it be known that many died so that their past **pre Great Crusade history** and the dark time history ** Great Crusade era and Imperium era** could be hidden from the inquisition and kept for future generations of Tirilians to come…

…Data files of The Great Crusade era access granted….

*** Great Crusade Era History of the fall of the Tirilian Empire and Occupation of its peoples***

At the time the Tirilian Empire was rapidly expanding in all directions due to their rapidly expanding economy and their rising military forces and their new elite fighters which as records show were stronger and better than the time area space marines and also had superior armour as well ***look in military history/technology/armour arrangements****.
At the same time the Great Crusade of the Imperium was reaching the fringes of known space. Soon the Imperium came into the Tirilian Emperor after a friendly meeting with the people the fleet contacted the Emperor to tell him of this empire and he himself attended the meeting of diplomacy at the Tirlians new colony world of Leiriha.
The Emperor himself arrived to the meeting between the Imperium and the Tirilian Leaders who meet on Leiriha to discuss the trade and peaceful existence between the two Empires (though it is suggested the Emperor had other plans).
As the meeting representatives came in from the Tirilian Empire their Grand Guardians of the high council Entered the meeting hall .The Imperium Commanders stood aghast in what they saw was a manifestation of the Chaos Gods. The Emperor asked who are guardians were (they were of course fully progressed and no longer were of human form), the Tirilians told the Imperials that they were their priests and most holy of beings, those who had progressed far enough to receive the image of one of their gods servants, as what followed is unclear to most though to the records of those who were there that day and still live to this day say the Emperor stood up in anger and told our people that we were blinded  by chaos and will be cleansed of it at once he drew his holy sword and attacked our highest Guardian (*** name held***) Our highest guardian and still highest had been around since our people began following  the true god. He met the Emperor clash with clash as the room was then stormed by the space marines and the holy guards of the Emperor and our own elite the battle fast included casualties showed that two grand commanders of the Imperium were slain  and one of our Guardians were sent back to our god who returned to us a day after the battle. needless to say the Emperor saw the folly of fighting the entire colony by himself and his guards so he and his followers fought their way back to their ship and took off though the emperor suffered a few wounds from our (*** Highest grand guardian***) who himself had suffered a few wounds as well, though none dire or mortal to both they fought with the force of gods. After the Emperor got to his capital ship he declared war to begin at once with the Tirilian Empire. as the Imperial fleet grouped and gathered enough in size to outnumber the Tirilian entire Imperial armies by 15 to 1 he launched the campaign.
They rained fire down upon Leiriha and our fleets responded, as the civilians were evacuated from the planet along with our high council and priests. The space battle was furious but the imperial forces had the advantages of numbers. But the guns on Leiriha were protecting the Tirilian Fleet from harm so as the Emperor left the world and put his son Horus in charge of taking the Tirlian Empire and after his conquest they continued with their campaign of the great crusade.

As the ground assault began great battles were waged the space marine chapters were surprised with the feistiness the beast marines showed. Though sorely out numbered they fought well and made their numbers known. The first Beast marines were in average and 3/4ths a meter taller than the average space marine,
in combat one beast marine was equivalent to 5 space marines, in 2 months the planet was taken and as the Tirlians fell back from their worlds one by one Horus had to call in more reinforcements of space marine fleets and entire imperial guard regiments to replace the losses to his fleets. Though the tirlians were losing the war with the imperial forces the amount of battles they won against them was astounding, no other force had yet to cause the amount of casualties they received from the Tirilians. Many priests fought as well in the war and were equal to that of the imperial and space marine psykers. As the wars neared the home world of Tirlian, the people of the tirlian empire prayed for salvation of their people from the Imperium, though more than half of their population was now under imperial rule they still believed that they could yet beat the imperial forces. As the final battle commenced on the Tirlian Major world of Gerogian which was the major world of the Tirlian military production and training.

A warp storm appeared destroying much of the imperial fleets. Horus who was fighting the battle himself did not fall to the warp storm though no one knows what he saw that day as he was the only survivor besides his most trusted guards.  This some think may have began his fall to chaos though none can be sure. The warp storm covered Tirlian and the rest of its empire making all warp travel into the remaining empire suicidal. the Tirilians in the warpstorm were saved from the imperial forces and their home world and empire was saved, they managed through warp travel and with gifts from their god to come out from time to time in which they fought the imperial forces occupying the rest of their people and brought as many of their own as they could back into their empire in the warpstorm. The Emperor and Horus decided to leave the worlds to their selected governors and to keep them each held by a regiment of imperial soldiers and a few battalions of space marines on each world to hold them under their control and repel any attempt by the tirilians to take them back.

****this ends the Great crusade history of the Tirlian Empire. all following records will be split into
the following groups that of the remaining Tirlian Empire in the warp storm and that of the occupied Tirlian empire
located outside of the warp storm.********

November 2, 2009

Syros Planetary Survey

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By BlackFalcon95  and TheSilverMarine


Planet Status: Ork World

Gravity: About the same as Terra

Satellites: 2 moons, Torak and Hermes, both not inhabitable

Population: Ork roks from the empire of Charadon just crashed into the planet, and the marines of the Silver Storm chapter also made planetfall, and there is a massive amount of feral orks, who are eager to team up with the Orks that just made planetfall.

Orbit Duration: 592 Earth days

Rotation Speed: 37. 2 hours

Climate Classification: Desert/savanna climate, with lakes and rivers. Around the mountains is more vegetation and forests. This is just a little bit of the explored land, because the atmosphere is thick and Imperial tegnology is unable to scan the landscape.

Total Land Mass: 51%

Planetary Governor: None, probably a feral ork warboss

Climate Regions: Around the mountains wich the feral orks call “Gorks Jaw” is a lot of vegetation, but in the lower land its dry and there are small deserts.

Water Supply Enough in the high mountains, in the lower area’s are some rivers, but the deserts have not seen a drop of water in the past millenium.

Food Supply: Some poisenous plants are eatable if you prepare them the right way, and there are alien animal species wich are eatable too, that show no hostility.

Society: Feral ork tribes, a space ork army, and the Imperial forces.

Known History of Syros: What the orks want with this planet is unknown, for it doesn’t hold any known/usable recourses, and doesnt have a strategical position. The Silver storm is here to find out what the orks want with the planet.

October 27, 2009

Neoate Planetary Survey

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Moon Status: 4th Largest Moon (very very small).

Gravity: 50G

Satellites: none.

Population: Various alien animal and plant species as well as the native Cyclopean Ogryn.

Climate Classification: cross between African savannah, American great plains, and Australian outback with lots of grass and small shrubs, but little in the way of trees, and a few plateaus, wet and dry seasons.

Total Land Mass: 85%

Planetary Governor: none, besides the various cyclopean ogryn clan shaman.

Climate: Semi-Arid

Climatic Regions: Savannah.

Urbanizations: None.

Terra Forming: none, not needed.

Principle Exports: none known.

Water Supply: Rain, streams, rivers, and lakes.

Food Supply: various plants and animals.

Society: Nomadic Cyclopean Ogryn.

Very Brief Known History of Neoate: no known, except that the Cyclopean Ogryn seem to be native to this planet.

Saberon Planetary Survey

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Moon Status: 3rd Largest Moon.

Gravity: 75G

Satellites: none.

Population: Various alien animal and plant species (some plants are said to be able to move) species as well as some feral orks.

Climate Classification: Forrest death world.  Due to its particular path of orbit half of the world is in constant darkness.

Total Land Mass: 65%

Planetary Governor: none, possibly some ork warboss.

Climate: Cool, extremely high oxygen levels.

Climatic Regions: Land-kelp forests.

Urbanizations: None, attempted by humans before the coming of Lord Orestor, but failed due to the ferocity of the wilderness.

Terra Forming: none not needed.

Principle Exports: none as the world is pretty much isolated due to it’s inhospitable “deathworldiness”.

Water Supply: Rain, streams, rivers, and lakes.

Food Supply: various plants and animals.

Society: none known besides the orks.

Very Brief Known History of Saberon: attempted colonization by the humans of Acragas, suspected to at one point to have been an exodite world.

Vril-Ya Planetary Survey

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Moon Status: 2nd Largest Moon.

Gravity: 20G

Satellites: none.

Population: Dark Eldar Fleet of the Shrouded Dagger kabal.

Climate Classification: gaseous world

Total Land Mass: 0%

Planetary Governor: Archon Zephorhil.

Climate: Temperate, but with one millennia old violent storm.

Climatic Regions: Gas and storm.

Urbanizations: None aside from crystalline and silver floating glass fortresses and light bridges.

Terra Forming: none, impossible.

Principle Exports: Fear! As well as a few potent gaseous chemicals.

Water Supply: can be harvested from the atmosphere.

Food Supply: none

Society: Monarchy.


Very Brief Known History of Vril-Ya: not known, but the Shrouded Dagger kabal is rumored to hide out within its concealing gaseous atmosphere.

Thule Planetary Survey

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Moon Status: Largest Moon.

Gravity: 40G

Satellites: Asteroid belt.

Population: Tzeentch Daemons.

Climate Classification: oceanic

Total Land Mass: 0% (not including floating rocks similar to the Vespid homeworld)

Planetary Governor: Greater Daemon of Tzeentch

Climate: Cool.

Climatic Regions: worldwide ocean, floating rocks and their internal cave systems.

Urbanizations: None aside from crystalline and silver floating glass fortresses and light bridges.

Terra Forming: none.

Principle Exports: Madness!

Water Supply: Rain water.

Food Supply: Unknown

Society: Monarchy.


Very Brief Known History of Thule: given to Xi’ctu’thrax as payment for his service to Lord Orestor.

Acragas Planetary Survey

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By. Spleenstabba

(This is just a brief overview I recommend checking out the vids on my Youtube page, here is a link to part 1 of 2: (

Planet Status: 10th Planet from the Sun; Chaos Stronghold.

Gravity: 98G

Satellites: 4 moons: Thule, Vril-Ya, Saberon, Neoate (in descending order of size).

Population: Libation Bearers CSMs and Khorne Daemons, Cyclopean Ogryn.

Rotation Speed: 64 hour day, 8 day week, 36 week year

Climate Classification: Volcanic

Total Land Mass: 70% of planet (This includes not only bodies of water, but also lava seas.

Planetary Governor: Tyrant Orestor, Lord of the Libation Bearers

Climate: Hot

Climatic Regions: Acragas has five principle climate regions; Volcanic ash-wastes and lava flows, lava seas, mountains, cave systems, semi-tropical islands (Cross between Sicily and French Polynesia.

The majority of the world is volcanic, but about 1/7th is a chaparral/semi-tropical paradise as the archipelago like mountains act as a barrier from the harsh climate of the rest of the world.

Urbanisations: Chaos temples, cave dwellings, a handful of small hive cities (The largest being Corinth).

Terra Forming: The first humans to colonize the planet developed hive cities, a 2 space ports, anti-aircraft batteries, and mining facilities, and the Chaos forces made temples and dedications to their dark lord Khorne.

Principle Exports: Spilling blood in the name of Khorne!

Water Supply: Underground streams and above ground lakes.

Food Supply: The flesh of the slaughtered!

Society: Chaos Monarchy/Oligarchy: Ultimately lead by Lord Orestor, with the help of his two second in commands: Pisistratus and Kar’thren’ngol (a daemonic herald of Khorne).


Very Brief Known History of Acragas: Was originally an imperial world pre-heresy, then after several centuries of isolation turned into a slaanesh worshipping cult empire.  The planet was taken by a combined force of the Libation Bearers CSMs, Khorne daemons, Tzeentch daemons (under greater daemon Xi’ctu’thrax), Dark Eldar of the Shrouded Dagger kabal (under archon Zephorhil), and Cyclopean Ogryn rebels.

Planetfall on Xander Prime

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High Seer Phasius has revealed the true identity of Vessal; the arch heretic Novus Versaal. He has told the forces across the Lost System that Xander Prime holds a hidden power, a power that Novus cannot at any circumstance acquire. Novus is using the power generators to siphon the power of Xander to his own bidding – Phasius pleads that you destroy the power generators but maybe the generators can be taken for your own use?

Your forces must first capture the first power generator in the rocky mountainous region of Xander Prime – your army is entering from orbit and is ready for the fight!

Objective: Capture the Vital Objective

Both players are seeking to capture the generator. This is represented by an impassable terrain piece placed at the centre of the gaming board. The player with a unit occupying the generator by the end of the game is the winner. If the generator is contested or occupied by no one – than the game is a draw.

Scenario Special Rules

Both armies have the following…

Shock Tactics

The Deep Strike rule is used with the following modifications:

  • Players may choose to deploy infantry, jump infantry, jetbikes, monstrous creatures and vehicles with the Deep Strike rule by Deep Strike.

Units that already had the Deep Strike special rule can now result as they enter play.


All units start the game in reserve – none of the attack’s units will start on-table at all. Instead the players units enter play via deep strike as noted above, or by coming in on player’s table edge. Units held in reserve use the following table when they enter play

Turn 1                   Turn 2                   Turn 3

Reserves arrive on:         3+                           2+                           automatically

Random Game Length

Terrain Set Up

Place the generator is the centre of the board, this is a impassable terrain piece and the only impassable terrain piece allowed for the game. All other terrain pieces can be placed wherever determined by players but must be at least 6” from the generator.


If there is a clear victor to the game than that player must declare if he is going to capture or destroy the generator or even hold the generator for Novus Versaal.

October 25, 2009

October Campaign Summary

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The campaign has begun its first month and bloody and brutal as ever. Tau have shown a quick initiative and have claimed large territories on Glacies Ace and Lu-Ge. Imperial Gaurd and Necrons have shown focused attacks bring great award on the worlds of HisWald and Sophana Securus – being to take the worlds from their occupiers grasp.

However not all the armies have seen success. Tyrands, Space Marines and Orks have been the most active armies during the campaign but havent managed to secure that many victories.

Two dark horses of this campaign are Inquisition and Chaos who have only fought 1 battle but devastated their opponents, these will be forces to keep and eye on in the future.

Note of Scoring System: You earn a point for every victory and draw but lose points for Losses

Here are the overall scores of the armies in the Lost System for October

1st Place: Necrons – 3 Points

2nd Place: Imperial Guard, Tau Empire – 2 Points

3rd Place: Chaos, Inquisition – 1 Point

4th Place: Tyranids – 0 Points

5th Place: Space Marines, Eldar – -1 Points

6th Place: Orks – -2 Points

Please note that Dark Eldar have zero attendance

Also here is the registered player scores from first to last place (lots of joint places 😛

1st Place: Reaverhobbies – 2 Points

2nd Place: Falknerblitz, saviourzeroone, ashiecaido, albisher, kingtwilliam, deadmansdude – 1 Point

3rd Place: Locbot, Lootaful, wargamesanorak – -1 Points

So congratulations Reaverhobbies – i will be sending you the first clue to the mystery of Xander Prime – you have 3 attempts at guessing the secret.

Also want to say and big thank you to all you unregistered players out there – your support is really appreciated!

Lu-Ge Update: October Summary

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The skirmish war of the fractured planet has begun to sway in favour of the Tau. The fledgling Empire has concentrated its offensive against the Orks – but will this spark focused hostility against them from the other races?

Highest Scoring Army: Tau

Highest Scoring Player: albisher

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